List Of Course Offerings

Access the links below to download the guide of available course options open to graduate and undergraduate students in the universities in our network.

Students are expected to familiarize this list in order to have a fair understanding of the type of courses offered and choose the university that best matches the courses of interest. The courses offered are subject to variation; hence, students are expected to use this as a guide only.

IBP Course Offerings

Access the undergraduate and graduate projected course offerings for the spring 2018 and fall 2018 semesters. *Note: these courses are subject to change.

Previously Approved Courses

The following courses have previously been approved from our network universities for MSU credit.

View Approved Courses

*Course pre-approvals are subject to change without notice. Please check with our office for the most updated list.

Course Equivalency Pre-Approval Request Process

There is an online process for requesting pre-approval of courses you are planning to take while studying abroad. Pre-approvals guarantee the courses taken abroad will transfer back as equivalent MSU credit. After completing the IBP/Study Away application process and receiving confirmation of host country placement, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to My Missouri State
  2. Click on the Registration tab and go to the 'My Transfer Credit' section (located near center of page)
  3. Click 'Request Transfer Credit Pre-approval'
  4. Select 'a college or university in another country'
  5. Select the name of your host country from drop-down menu
  6. Select the name of your host university from drop-down menu
  7. Complete all required fields and click Submit

A request will be sent to corresponding department heads. Upon their review, you will receive feedback as to how the specific courses may transfer.

To better complete the pre-approval forms, review the available MSU courses to find the course that best fits with the course you intend to take at the host institution.