COB Study Away Financial Award Program

Overview and Purpose of the Program

The College of Business (COB) has as a strategic goal integrating and incorporating global awareness and cross-cultural experiences into the business students’ MSU education and experience. To this end, COB is delighted to offer financial awards in the amount of $500 per eligible student who participate in a COB-sponsored, faculty-directed short term study away program. We offer this financial support in recognition of the fact that cost is usually the most significant factor in whether a student can participate in a study away program. The program must be approved by COB as an eligible program, and the student must meet certain eligibility criteria, both of which are stated below.

Program Eligibility Criteria

  • The program must be a short-term, COB faculty-directed study away opportunity. This is defined to mean the actual program lasts no longer than 3 weeks. The program may include pre-departure meetings which do not count towards the 3-week time limit. Any exception to this must be approved by the COB Dean.
  • The program must include travel out of the country. Thus, domestic programs are ineligible for this program since there may be separate funding sources for those programs.
  • Students traveling to study or teach on the Dalian campus are not eligible for this financial award.
  • The program must be organized in conjunction with COB International Business Programs and the MSU Study Away office.
  • The curriculum and content of the program must be sufficiently rigorous in work to be performed and in course deliverables. The COB Dean must review and approve the course syllabus in advance of the program being announced or discussed with students as an eligible program.

Student Eligibility Criteria

  • Enrollment, for credit, in one of the courses listed in the Study Away Program’s Curricular Proposal.
  • Declared full time or part time undergraduate business majors who have completed 60 hours in advance of the program and have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and 2.5 GPA in their major.
  • Accelerated graduate business students, full-time or part time, who have at least a 3.00 GPA in their completed graduate business coursework.
  • Declared full time or part time business graduate students who have at least a 3.0 GPA in their graduate degree program.
  • Business double majors are eligible for this financial award.
  • Students who meet eligibility criteria may receive this financial award for each eligible program in which they participate.
  • Non-business majors and business minors are not eligible for this financial award.

Faculty Requirements and Process

  • Any COB faculty member, full time or adjunct, can submit a proposal for a Study Away program.

Before the Program:

  • Faculty should work closely with COB IBP first on the idea for their program. IBP will direct the faculty member to the MSU Study Away Office to further develop the proposal. The MSU Study Away Office requires course proposals be approved by their staff in advance of routing to the Department Head and Dean.
  • After meeting the Study Away curricular proposal guidelines, the paperwork must be approved by the Department Head and COB Dean. At the time the Dean reviews the proposal, the Dean will also review the syllabus and make the determination on whether the program is sufficiently rigorous to qualify for the COB study away financial award. The Dean will notify the faculty member of the decision. In some cases the Dean may request additional information from the faculty member or provide an opportunity for additional rigor to be added so the program qualifies for the COB financial award.
  • No marketing to students should occur until after the program is approved by the COB Dean. This is true with or without participation in the COB financial award program.
  • Faculty should encourage program participants to review the COB Study Away student eligibility guidelines before committing to a program. Prospective participants who are unsure of their eligibility should consult with Associate Dean Meinert.
  • Once a program is closed, and participants finalized, faculty should send a copy of their final roster to Associate Dean Meinert. Associate Dean Meinert will complete the final eligibility check at the start of the semester in which the student is enrolled for the approved study away course. Associate Dean Meinert will authorize transfers to each eligible student’s MSU account, and will notify students not found to be eligible.

After the Program:

If a student listed on the final roster later elects not to participate in the study away program, faculty are responsible for notifying Associate Dean Meinert.